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Have you seen an improvement in your child/children's Math understanding or performance ?

"Yes. They are coping up now."


Confidence is a key factor to succeed in maths and confidence comes through mastery. In maths, learners must master each skill in order to progress proficiently to the next, more advanced skills. When this incremental learning is not achieved, gaps in mathematical knowledge can occur which may compromise the learner's mathematical development for life.

With CAMI Maths, learning is always fun and easy for students. It is designed for value, speed and ease of use.

This Program uses the computer as a drill and practice system instead of the limited tutoring system used by other programs. The activities feature a wide range of exercises which provides practice and review in mental computation, logic, and problem solving. Students work at their own pace according to the progressive levels of difficulty.

We recommend that each student uses CAMI Maths 30 minutes a day to boost their maths performance and academic results in the shortest time possible.

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